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Hettinger Podiatry Center offers high quality prescription orthotics for relief of your foot problems. Dr. Hettinger is a board certified physician and foot surgeon with professional  experience since 1985. Prescription orthotics (custom molded shoe inserts) can be made for patients who may require them. We can also refurbish your existing orthotics.

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Our research shows the value of prescription orthotics in helping our patients. Prescription orthotics are custom made forms which aid and control your individual foot condition. They are specifically made for your feet and slip into your different shoes. Much like dental braces and prescription eyeglasses, orthotics are an aid to provide a more normal function.

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The movement of the bones and the imbalances of the muscles when walking can cause bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, and other foot and body stress problems. Whether these problems now exist, or surgery has aided in part of their correction, we believe prescription orthotics are extremely helpful in slowing the progress or recurrence of your foot problem. They reinforce the proper alignment of bones and muscles.


Prescription orthotics have been proven effective in treating many foot, ankle, knee, hip, and even lower back pains by providing proper guidance and alignment of the body. You and someone else may have similar foot problems, but your feet are unique. That's why orthotics are custom made.

Customized orthotics

Our feet are the foundation of our entire body. The hard surfaces we walk and stand on, in combination with the shoes we wear, cause up to 90% of people to experience some type of foot problem at some point in their lives. Of the podiatric patients that are seen, around

85% have some type of biomechanical deficit.

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Industry-wide statistics show that there is around a 20% adjustment rate after the devices are dispensed, but also around a 95% success rate in reduction of foot pains when prescribed to treat a biomechanical deficit. This is especially true when treating heel spur syndrome, or plantar fasciitis, because arch support is needed to reduce the stress being placed on the plantar fascia in the first place. Obtaining and wearing prescription orthotics can be the best investment you can make in your overall well-being.